What Is The Life Cycle Of The Scabies Mite?

The first symptoms of scabies can take up to two to six weeks to show. The first signs of the infection are a red rash, which is soon followed by itching. The normal life cycle of a Scabies mite is two months.

Let’s read more about the Scabies mite –

1. The Female Mite

From the time that a female mite enters the body of a host, it can be around for almost two months if not eradicated. In that period, she burrows under the surface of the skin and keeps laying eggs. The mites survive under the skin of the host by feeding on the skin.

2. The Hatchlings

After the eggs are laid, they take up to four days to hatch. Once the mite babies emerge from the eggs, they start feeding vigorously on the hair follicles, creating unbearable itching sensation on the skin. These mites are capable of laying eggs on their own in less than four days. Once they find a suitable mate, they start the vicious circle all over again.

3. The Lifecycle

If the host fails to take any treatment for the infection, the mites will keep laying eggs and burrowing under the skin. A female mite can continue to lay eggs for two months at a stretch.

When infected, do not expect all mites to die a natural death. They replicate very quickly. Before all hell breaks loose, get yourself (and all your near and dear ones) treated with a good product like Dr Scabies.

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