What it’s Like to Live with Ringworm?

What it’s like to live with ringworm? Here we have rounded up the experiences of some people.

70% people have ringworms. It is a skin condition being characterized by circular patches with intense itching. Ringworm is caused by touching infectious person; unhygienic condition and weaken immune system. Ringworm usually affects hand, feet, scalp, nail, groin, body and face. It should be treated at initial stage as it can expand to other body parts. Ringworm is a normal condition being treated with simple OTC medications.


What it’s like to live with ringworm? Here we have rounded up the experiences of some people.

How a Tiny Patch Grew into a Large Round Circle?

A few weeks ago I noticed a little dry patch of skin under my left ear…kind of on my neck. It’s winter so I just assumed that the dryness of the sahara that was plaguing the rest of my body daily was just a bit of winter showing up on my neck. Nothing to be alarmed about.

So…I went on with my days. And nights.And days. You get the idea.

A couple days ago I was washing my face, brushing my teeth, etc. and noticed the red patch on my skin had now become a circle on my neck. Like a completely round circle.

Felt Like an Apple Riddled Through With Worms…

Given the choice, however, I would still prefer not to host them on my body ­– just as someone who likes stray cats would probably stop short of inviting one into his bed. But I had not been given a choice, or maybe I’d just missed the deadline, and my flesh had been invaded, splattered all over with red-rimmed fungal colonies. I felt like an apple riddled through with worms.

With a bit of early treatment, it might not have progressed that far. But as I was only one malady away from being labeled “Unfit to Travel” by my mother when it first appeared, I purposely ignored the quarter-sized red circle on my left side for the week before my trip. 

When Ringworm Stops you From Doing Your Favorite Things…

I noticed that I got infected right on my chest. Should I compete? Should I cover it? It was a very stressful week until I decided to pull out from the tournament and prevent the spread of infection to other athletes. On top of that, I will have to take a break from the mats until I’m clear. I can’t even surf, because I’m afraid that my wetsuit can get infected.”

Apple Cider Vinegar Does the Wonder…

“Mine is just finally going away! I suspect I got it from a hotel jacuzzi or the gym while wearing shorts. It was right on my bikini line. None of the creams seemed to work and I tried generic and name brand for at least two weeks each. What cleared it up was apple cider vinegar! I noticed a difference in two days as I could tell it was starting to dry up and crack. Yes, it did burn especially on places that were kinda open but the sensation went away after a minute or so. Just had to breathe through it. I rubbed it on with a cotton pad 5x a day for the first week and maybe 3x a day after that. I stopped putting it on a few weeks ago and it hasn’t come back and my skin color is going back to normal (it was kinda dark after healing, like a scar)

I cannot recommend ACV enough and I wish I would’ve tried it sooner! Good luck!”

One User at Reddit.com

So these are some experiences shared by people with or who once had eczema. What are yours? Please share with us by commenting below!

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