What Make Dr. Scabies an Effective Remedy for Scabies?

Have your scabies medication failed to show results? Or you are looking for a quick treatment for scabies? The answer to all your concern is Dr. Scabies. Learn here what makes it safer and effective scabies remedy.

Scabies is an infectious disease that torments the individual with rashes, burrows and relentless itch. While mild cases of scabies are treated with OTC medications or they go on their own, there are many patients who don’t see improvement with scabies medications. Sometimes the medication won’t go well with them. Sometimes the medication is not safe for their skin. There are many cases when the patient has to go for advance treatment as their first line of treatment fails.

Dr. Scabies can help you overcome the horrors of scabies. It is an effective homeopathic cream that delivers quick results. Dr. Scabies is safer than most of the OTC medications available. Here are the reasons that make Dr. Scabies a powerful remedy for scabies.

Being Packed with Powerful Ingredients that Kill Scabies:

Dr. Scabies not only kills scabies mites, but also prevents further infestation. Thanks to its powerful natural ingredients. Dr. Scabies is packed with the power of citronella oil, sunflower oil, tea tree oil, green tea and chamomile extract. Citronella oil acts as repellent to mites and thereby helps in scabies. Another key ingredient is sunflower oil which moisturizes the skin and acts as a protective barrier that resists infection in premature infants as well.

Tea tree oil is a powerful component in Dr. Scabies as it kills the mites and reduces itching. The oil contains anti-fungal, anti-bacterial antiseptic and anti-viral properties. It can disinfect minor cuts, wounds and insect bites.To promote healing, the cream includes green tea extract.

Other healing components are coconut oil, chamomile extract, vitamin E and sesame oil.

It is Safe for Sensitive Skin:

Unlike most scabies topical creams, Dr. Scabies is safe for the people with sensitive skin. It doesn’t cause rashes or itching. It has a unique formulation of sulfur and essential oils do not irritate or dry up the skin even on prolonged use.

Being Complied with FDA Standards:

Dr. Scabies includes ingredients that comply with specifications and standards of preparation, content, and dosage approved by FDA as indicated in the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States (HPUS). Moreover, Dr. Scabies is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility that is regularly subjected to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Auditing inspections to ensure safe, quality production with high level performance on a consistent basis. Compliance with GMP is an essential condition for marketing authorization. In other words, domestic and foreign producers of homeopathic products cannot sell or market without it.

It Can Cure the Diseases Other Than Scabies:

Being packed with antifungal and healing ingredients, Dr. Scabies is an effective solution for the skin conditions like acne, eczema, dry scalp, ringworm and athlete’s foot. It can used to treat minor redness or simple rashes.

Tons of Positive Feedbacks:

Every day, we get hundreds of positive feedbacks from the customers. Click here to see our testimonials.

In fact, we have conducted our own testing by reviewing the healing progress of 1000 people all over New York with Dr. Scabies and other products like Dr. Scabies Homeopathic Soap and solution. 97% of them showed complete cure within 4-15 days who used Dr. Scabies and followed the precautions. However, 3% of the 1000 cases failed due to the patients who skipped the daily application of the treatment.

So you must have understood that Dr. Scabies is an effective cream for scabies and other minor skin conditions. It contains antibacterial, antifungal and healing ingredients to ensure complete cure. Make sure to use the cream according to the instructions. To see better results, use Dr. Scabies with Dr. Scabies soap and Dr. Scabies solution. All three products are also available in a kit you can shop here.

And also practice precautions like hygiene, isolation and dis-infestation as given here.

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