What Makes You Prone To Scabies

If you get scabies at some point of your life or see a scabies patient, you understand that getting this skin condition is no fun.

Scabies traumatizes the life with rashes, burrows, redness and relentless itch. And it may take up to several weeks to get rid of this condition. Top of that, a scabies patient can infect the people around him.

If someone has scabies in your family, you should be extremely careful. Here we have listed the things that make you vulnerable to scabies.

Prolonged Skin Contact with Scabies Patient:

One of the most common causes of scabies is to share close physical contact with a scabies patient. For example, entering into sexual relationship with the patient makes you highly prone to the disease. Even massage can spread the infection. However, casual contacts like handshake may not cause scabies.

Using the Belongings of the Patient:

Avoid using the clothes or bedding of a scabies patient. By doing so, you can fall victim to the disease. Besides, you should wash patient’s clothes separately using the hottest water as possible. Or you can seal the items in a drawer or a plastic bag. This is because the mites can’t live more than 2 days without finding human bodies. To be on the safe side, leave the clothing alone for 4-7 days.

Ignoring the Signs of Scabies:

Do you feel intense itching? Are you seeing rashes on your skin? Or there are bumps?

While these symptoms are totally normal, you can’t afford to ignore them when you are living with a scabies patient. May be you have caught the infection from them. Don’t take them lightly. Sometimes scabies symptoms take week to occur once the infection strikes at your skin. It is better if you see a physician to know if you have caught scabies.

Not Disinfecting the Household Items like Rugs and Furniture:

Scabies mites may be thriving over the household items like rugs, couches, box springs and furniture. This is why you should get them disinfected. You can spray disinfectant like Dr. Repellent on the surfaces of furniture and open spaces. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the home. Repeat the process every two weeks until the scabies infestation is gone as confirmed by the doctor.

Being Surrounded By Infected People:

Some groups or individuals are more prone to scabies as they share skin to skin contact with others, which is the key cause of getting scabies. Be careful if you belong to such group.

For example, kids are at a high risk as they live in communal environment like school. Mothers of young kids can catch scabies from the kids first before giving it to the others.

Sexually active people are also susceptible to scabies, given that scabies is caused by prolonged skin-to-skin contact. People living in nursing homes share close contact with others, making them prone to scabies.


Some places make you vulnerable to scabies. These places are college dormitories, communal bathrooms, nursing homes, childcare center, prison, and classrooms.

Assuming that You are Safe:

You may have scabies if you are living with a scabies patient. Once scabies mites strike at your skin, you can experience the symptoms several weeks after the “attack”. This is why you should get yourself diagnosed.

So these are the things that make you prone to scabies. The point is here to practice all precautions and take medical assistance on time to avoid getting scabies. Remember, precaution is better than cure.

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