What Medication Kills Sarcoptic Mite’s Eggs Laid in Burrows?

What Medication Kills Sarcoptic Mite's Eggs Laid in Burrows?

Scabies is skin infection which spreads through close physical contact with the person suffering from scabies. A physical contact with a scabies patient allows mites to transfer and this way it spreads from one person to another. This results into intense itching all over the body.

The only way to get rid of itching and destroy the mites is through proper medication. The following article is about the medications that can effectively kill scabies mites.

Once the mites get transferred over one body to another they create burrows beneath the skin to lay eggs which hatch into new mites and continue to spread to the entire body. Initially, a lot of itching is experienced at perennial areas, armpits, finger folds and is worse during the night. But if the mites are not killed by aid of medicated lotions and creams they will multiply in number and the disease can reach up to a complicated stage.

There are many natural remedies to kill the mites as well as over the counter drugs to inhibit growth of mites. It is must to start treatment after the initial symptoms only as if the mites continue to grow in number it poses risk of developing crusted scabies and also is harmful to other people around you.

Along with the treatment of the patient, it is also must to treat all other household members, recent sexual partners and everyone else in the patients’ vicinity to be treated.

Destroying the scabies mites

For treatment of scabies mites, there are a few basic instructions the patient has to follow such as being in isolation for few days, washing the laundry daily etc along with the application of topical creams to reduce itching and rashes. Many such creams contain powerful ingredients that can create hostile conditions for the mites to survive.

Following are some of the medicines that can kill the scabies mites and help you get rid of this contagious skin infection.

  • Permethrin

    This is usually the first medicine recommended by doctors after the person is diagnosed with scabies. It is available as 5% permethrin cream with synthetic chemicals that work to kill the scabies mites. This is safe to treat scabies in pregnant women and young children (2 months old).

    In some cases, Permethrin has been found to cause burning sensation on the skin or skin irritation so, it is recommended to consult the doctor before using it.


  • Crotamiton

    It is available as 10% crotamiton as a lotion or cream which if applied over the body for 24 hours can reduce the mites to a great extent. It is antipurirtic in nature which helps to ease the intense itching and destroy the scabies mite.

    It is advised not to apply it over any inflamed tissue and also should be kept away from eyes, nose, and mouth and vagina areas.


  • Dr Scabies cream

    Dr Scabies is among the highest recommendations by the doctor for scabies treatment. It is an over the counter medicine which is safe and effective to kill the scabies mites and also relieve you from itching. A good thing about Dr Scabies medicine is that it is made only from natural ingredients and therefore will not result into any side-effects.

    Some of the natural constituents of Dr Scabies cream are soy & Jojoba Oils, Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil and Chamomile Extracts which make it safe for people of all age groups to get rid of the scabies’ mite.


  • Lindane

    It is available as 1% Lindane lotion and cream that can be applied over the skin to get rid of the scabies mites. This is prescribed by the doctors only when other medicines fail to provide any relief in the situation. You need to apply this over the whole body from neck down and leave it for eight hours and then later on wash it with water.

    Lindane is not considered safe for pregnant or nursing women and that’s why they should consult the doctor before applying it.

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