What Scabies feel like?

Are you facing some itchy skin condition these days? Does it get severe at night? And, you are observing some rashes too? If the answer to these question is ‘yes’, then you need to be cautious. As these are the first few symptoms of one of the most contagious disease, Scabies.

Scabies is caused by infestation of the tiny burrowing mite called Sarcoptes scabiei. They enter your skin, form burrows and leads to intense itching. Moreover, the urge to scratch turns stronger at night. It is highly contagious and can spreads easily through close physical contact. Regardless of age, gender and race, it can happen to anyone. However, it is treatable. A number of natural, homeopathic and several other medicines are available, which are capable of curing this itchy skin disorder.

Although, these medications when applied to your skin kill the mites and their eggs, yet it takes a considerable amount of time for proper cure. This duration depends greatly on the severity of the infestation. It can be from several days to several weeks. Meanwhile, the diseased experiences a number of problems, ranging from health issues to different mental situation. Here is a short insight on what a scabies infectious feels like:

  1. Irritation due to itching: Itching is the first symptom of scabies. A person infected by scabies mites start feeling itchiness in day. Slowly, it gets intense and turns severe during night hours. Definitely, it is not a pleasing experience and the effected person feels irritated whole day due to this. There are times, when this itchy sensation becomes intolerable, distracting them from other work too. 
  2. Embarrassment in public: Scabies is a skin disorder, but its results to humiliation too. Especially, when the diseased is in public. For example, you are in a party or at your workplace. And you experience severe itching or those horrible looking red rashes. Neither you can dress up the way you want, nor can you greet others with a cheerful mood. Moreover, you fear for how others would react if they come to know about your skin disease. In all, a scabies infected person feels embarrassed in every public spot, whether it is an event, office or even while travelling through a public transport. 
  3. Anxiety for consequences: The concern for the present symptom gets higher once you are confirmed with mites infestation. But, what more traumatic is the future hitches. There are several questions prompting through one’s mind. How it will be cured, how much time it will take to recover, when these rashes will go away and so on. It keeps troubles them greatly. In addition, the greater chances of re-infestation make them worried more. Scabies is called the seven year itch disease and probability of its recurrence is really higher. 
  4. Isolated from friends and family: Being a highly communicable disease, there is a need to stay a little away from others. These mites cannot fly or jump, but yes they can transfer from one person to another when they come into direct contact of the diseased. Due to this, your family and friends maintain a distance from you. You can neither enjoy long hours with them at home nor can you hang out together. Along this, there are greater chances of secondary transmission. Hence, the clothes, furniture, bed sheets, etc. are also kept isolated. 
  5. Overall exasperation: Scabies is said to affect one’s skin conditions, but it is surely not limited to this only. While the diseased is suffering from number of problems like rashes, bumps, scratches, itching, etc., on the other hand he/ she bear a number of emotional difficulties. They start feeling inferior.

Well, it will take some time to overcome with these issues. All you need is to keep patience and opt for the right medicine. Go for natural remedies, as they eradicated the problem from its roots and prevent its recurrence! 

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