What Size Are Scabies Mites?

The Scabies or itch mite is a parasitic arthropod which is known to burrow inside the skin in order to lay eggs. The mites are not visible to the naked eye as they are microscopic.

Let’s read and learn more about the biological characteristics of Scabies Mites –

When seen under a microscope, the actual size of a Scabies mite actually comes out to be around 1/64 inch. The adult Scabies mite is eyeless and spherical in shape. It has four pairs of legs, two in front and two at the rear end. When clinically observed, they display oval torsos that resemble a tortoise and cuticular spines.

There is no clear demarking of the upper and lower torso. The surface of the body is covered with bristles.

The Suckers

An adult male Scabies mite shows two tubular structures next to the front kegs that are called suckers. The females have suckers all over their legs. These suckers are used to burrow inside the body to create tunnels for laying eggs. The female mites are 0.3–0.45 mm in dimension and the male mites are half that size.

Tunnels and Burrows

Some doctors conduct an ink test on the patient to confirm the existence of mites under the skin. Once ink is applied to the surface of the skin, the tunnels and burrows become visible as lines under the surface of the skin.

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