What to Consider While Buying OTC Permethrin Cream for Scabies?

From checking manufacturers to read reviews, here are the steps to choose the right permethrin cream for scabies.

 What to Consider While Buying OTC Permethrin Cream for Scabies?


Permethrin cream is one of the common medications for scabies. The cream is also available at drug store without doctor prescription. Permethrin cream is useful as it removes eggs and hatchings as well as adult mites in one application. It is also known as scabicieds and pediculicides. You can shop permethrin cream at any drug store or via online store.

However, you should be careful while buying an OTC permethrin cream to ensure an effective treatment.


Make sure the cream you buy is complied with GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices. GMP ensures that the product has been manufactured according to the prescribed guidelines.

User Reviews:

Whether you are buying cream online or at physical store, be sure to see the reviews and user testimonials. It is common to see the quick results claim made by many manufacturers. Before buying the cream, just go through the user reviews to be familiar with side effect and efficiency. Some creams come with money-back guarantee, showing the manufacturer’s confidence in the product.


You will be surprised to know that many permethrin creams contain the ingredients originally used in pesticides and treatments for dog. Therefore, it is important to find which cream is made for scabies treatment in human. You can consult your pharmacist or doctor for that.


Usually, a single tube of scabies is sufficient to treat the mild to moderate cases of scabies. Many manufacturers sells multitude of bottles and tubes in a kit for a complete treatment. The kit generally includes lotions and creams to be used after bathing and before going to the bed. Such product should be purchased for advance or severe level of scabies. However, it doesn’t make sense to buy an entire kit for minor rashes or itching when a single tube is sufficient.


Prices may vary from brand to brand. However, cheapest cream can’t ensure you speedy healing. There is no need to buy expensive brands that don’t work at all. So, how to buy the cream that works? As we have mentioned in previous point, read user’s testimonials and ask for reference to find the right one.

With the help of these tips, you can buy an effective and safe OTC permethrin cream for scabies.




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