What to Consider While Choosing Moisturizer for Psoriasis?

Moisturizers are useful for dryness, flare, and scaling of the skin caused by psoriasis. Apart from that, moisturizers allow other medications to be absorbed by your skin easily. But that doesn’t mean you choose any moisturizer as the wrong one can adversely affect your psoriasis. It is also said that the best moisturizer is that whom you skin feels “happy” with. However, there are many other things to look for while choosing the moisturizers for psoriasis.

What to Consider While Choosing Moisturizer for Psoriasis?

So, use these tips to find the right moisturizers for your skincare during psoriasis.


The thickness of the moisturizer determines how easy and effective it is.  For example, lotions are water based and doesn’t stick on your skin. However, they are not so that effective for dry skin. They are good once psoriasis is resolved. On the other hand, creams are thicker and greasier than lotions. They are good for day to day use. Ointments are thick and greasy and have more oil. They are effective moisturizer for extremely dry skin, though you may feel them greasy and sticky.

It Must Have Exfoliating Acids:

Salicylic acid and glycolic acid are useful to reduce the psoriasis plaques. In other words, they act like a light chemical peel and provide a rich moisturizing at the same time.

Check for Sun Protection:

Go for the moisturizer with a sun protection factor (SPF 30) for daily use. Yes, UVB rays can be useful for your psoriasis, buy you must protect it against harmful UVA rays. You must consider the sun protection if you’re undergoing phototherapy which makes your skin vulnerable to the sunlight sensitivity. SPF provides protection to your skin from sunburn, besides minimizing the flaring risks triggered by sunburn.

So, these are the things to consider while choosing moisturizer for your psoriasis affected skin. If you have any doubt, it is best to consult your physician.

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