What to Do If Scabies Treatment Doesn’t Work?

It is very hard to tell if the treatment has been successful or not. The wait period can be very frustrating. In a successful treatment, the symptoms of Scabies will decline in ten days or so. But if the itching comes back with a bang please be informed that most likely the treatment failed.

Read on more on what to do if you think the treatment failed –

1. The Life Cycle of Mites

Even after the treatment is complete, there might be remains of the eggs and feces inside the body that can irritate the skin. This can go on till the time the skin is able to throw out this debris.

2. Itching

There have been many cases in which despite the successful treatment, the itching never stopped for a long period of time. It is best to consult a doctor in those times to determine the actual status.

3. Scientific facts

Dermatologists are of the belief that the symptoms of itching are related to the left over debris in the body. But on careful examination and after a series of other tests, it was discovered that there was no debris whatsoever. It is now believed that the body is displaying an immune reaction to the debris that was there at one time or reacting to the Permethrin it was exposed to.

4. Alternative solution

If you believe that the mites have come back, consult a doctor and ask him to suggest a new approach to the infection. You can also try Dr. Scabies, a natural product with no side effects, for superior results.

Lastly, take all precautions. If you don’t wash off all clothes, mattresses etc., the mites may continue to infect you time and again.

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