What to do if the bumps appear even after the scabies treatment?

What to do if the bumps appear even after the scabies treatment?

In some cases, even after many weeks of treatment the bumps and the itchiness doesn’t leave the skin. This is possible if the treatment didn’t work properly and some of the mites are still left on the body.

If bumps appear after the treatment it is a clear sign that you are reinfested with scabies and you need to start again with the treatment. Many people who get treatment for scabies feel as though the medication did not work. The following article is about dealing with post-scabies syndrome.

If you are troubled with the prolonged series of medications and drugs for scabies treatment and still not getting results or the bumps are not leaving you then it’s the time to check whether the medicines are fit for your condition.

Sometimes a particular medicine may not work on everyone. For some chemical laden remedies are best suited while for others it is only the natural remedies that can help. The difficulty lies in finding the right medicine that works for your condition.

What causes the post-scabies syndrome?

In case you find bumps appearing again and again even after the treatment, it is the time you either have to change the medicine or the dosage. If you have been applying 5% permethrin cream, there are chances that the eggs and feces don’t get completely destroyed and you may experience irritation and itchiness.

There are many people who experience such symptoms after the mites are fully eradicated. This is known as post-scabies syndrome in which the person continues to experience scabies-like symptoms long after the mites have been successfully eradicated.

It was believed that such symptoms arise due to the debris being expelled by the body after the mites eradicate the body. But after the skin of people who experienced such affects were biopsied, no such signs of debris were found.

For now people believe that the body may be exhibiting a long-lasting immune reaction, either to the mites and their debris or to the prolonged treatment. The only way to deal with such side effects is to check the effects of permethrin or the treatment you have been undergoing. Advice of a medical professional can help you to get to the root cause and find some less harsh alternatives to get over your condition.

Dealing with post-scabies syndrome

Now whatever is the cause of the post-scabies syndrome-delayed medication or improper care, the only way to get through it is to start with the treatment again.

If there are bumps or extreme itchiness it is a clear sign that the scabies mites are still alive in your body and the only way to destroy them is to kill them.

You can ask you doctor or refer to internet for alternative natural remedies as well but make sure you don’t end complicating things further.

  • The first thing you should do is to visit the doctor, get an analysis of your situation and look for better but safer ways of treatment of your condition.


  • In some cases, the mites may even become resistant to a particular medicine if you continue to use the same for a longer time. Therefore, you need to check over if a particular medicine is working for you or not.


  • Reinfestation can even be a result of improper cleaning and disinfection of your cloths, bedding or any other personal belongings. If you happen to come in contact with any of these items which were not disinfected then you are likely to get infested again with the mites. Thus, make sure you disinfect everything you use during a day while you are being treated.


  • There is also a possibility that your scabies has invited other skin problems which are causing itching and biting sensations. The only way to figure this out is to get in touch with a dermatologist who can find out the exact problem and also prescribe you with the suitable medicine.

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