What to Wear If You Have Psoriasis


From hiding the plaques to let your skin feel comfortable, here are some clever dressing tips for people with psoriasis.)

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease marked with the rapid growth of the skin cells. Consequently, the skin is popped up with the dead cells on the surface. They look like raised and dry patches. It is usually found on the knees, elbows, and scalp, though it occurs on the legs, nails, and trunk. While what exactly causes psoriasis hasn’t been found, many studies conclude that it may be triggered by the combination of factors like genetics, environmental factors, and the immune system. Psoriasis is found in the members of the same family. Or defects in the immune system (when it mistakenly kills healthy cells instead of foreign bodies) can play a major role. Inflammation can be a reason sometimes.

What to Wear When You Have Psoriasis?

Coming to the title of this blog, here we will discuss what to wear if you have psoriasis. Sound strange?

Having psoriasis means living with flaky and itchy skin. The last thing you should worry about is your clothes to be put on the skin. If the clothes are harsh, irritating like woolen stuff, you might experience flares.

Many psoriasis patients find it tricky to find optimal clothing for their condition. It is more than a concern if you are conscious of your style.

Here we have compiled the clothing tips from some of our readers. See if this guide helps you with “psoriasis fashion”.

Avoid Wearing a Traditional Tie:

Having psoriasis on the neck means you should steer clear of a traditional tie. It goes without saying that it can be irritating and leads to flares, itchiness, and redness. Here is a quick alternative—try a clip-on tie instead.

Wear Undergarments:

Undergarments like undershirts are useful in soaking up topical ointments. This way, it prevents the staining of your clothes.

Say No to Dark Colors:

Don’t wear a dark color top if you have scalp psoriasis. The reason is that the flakes will be visible on this color. Therefore, prefer wearing light colors or prints. For example, white colors will prevent flakes from being so visible. Prints also come handy to hide the fallen flakes.

Avoid Wearing Polyester, Spandex or Nylon:

Polyester, Nylon or Spandex is not good for your psoriasis skin. They make it hard for the skin to breath. Top of that, they stain easily if you are applying ointments.

Wear Cotton or Silk:

When in doubt, wear cotton. Cotton is your best option. Firstly, it doesn’t irritate the skin or cause overheating. Unlike synthetic clothes, it lets your skin breathe and don’t stick to it. Like cotton, silk is cool and soothing. Plus, it has great moisture-wicking properties, making it useful for regulating body temperature. It is hypoallergenic and doesn’t cause static.

Wear Loose Garments:

Tight clothing can aggravate the signs of psoriasis. Comfort is a key issue for those with psoriasis. Tight clothing rubs against the skin or existing lesion, thereby leading to pain and discomfort. Besides, it cut “air supply” to the skin. Therefore, prefer loose clothing and undergarments.

Clothes to Hide Your Psoriasis:

Some psoriasis would like to hide their affected skin to avoid being embarrassed by unwanted stares or comments to their skin. Prefer long-sleeved shirt, full-length pants, and a strategically-placed scarf. You can also use a flesh tone stockings with your skirt. However, use breathing and skin friendly fabrics like cotton to cover-up.

Taking care of your clothing is just a part of your skincare for psoriasis regimen. Make sure to follow the medication and precautions suggested by your physician. And don’t take stress as it may aggravate your flares. What do you think? Please let us know by commenting below.

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