When Your Partner Has Scabies

If your friends and co-workers have scabies, you can isolate them for a while, but what do you do when your partner has scabies? Don’t fret, this is a difficult time for them, and you can be of great help.

If your partner has scabies, you’ve got to be very careful that you don’t end up with the disease too. Take the right precautions and you can keep yourself and other family members safe.

Wash your hands and body regularly

Scabies is caused by tiny mites called sarcoptes scabei that dig borrows into the skin and cause rashes. They easily get transferred from one person to another through physical contact or via objects touched by a scabied person.

To avoid the spread of these mites, wash your hands and body regularly with warm water and soap. Use an antiseptic soap as it is more effective in removing bacteria from the skin.

Launder the Clothing of the Scabied Person in Hot Water

A lot of the infection in a scabied person can be transferred from his clothing. Make sure all his clothes are laundered in hot soapy water every day. Dry these clothes outside under the hot sun, or use dryers with high heat to kill any mites.

Get Rid Of Mites from Non-Clothing Items

As much as it is important to keep the clothing mite free, it is also imperative to prevent the mites from thriving on non-clothing items such as pillows and bedsheets, etc.

Mites die if they are made to go without food for a week. You can take all such objects, pack them tightly in plastic bags and leave them in an offset location like the backyard or garage.

Avoid Physical Contact Altogether

You have to avoid contact with an infected person to keep yourself safe. This is often difficult to do when it’s one of your family member or your partner. Make sure to avoid physical contact, even a slight touch with a rash can transfer the scabies mites to your skin.

Use Dr. Scabies

While taking steps to stay safe is one thing, if you want to help your partner ease the discomfort from scabies, we recommend you to use Dr. Scabies. It’s an effective treatment and will also help provide relief against the irritation and itching from the rashes dug by the mites on your skin. 

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