Where Do These Scabies Mites Really Hide?

Scabies symptoms are first seen as a mild red colored rash. Later the patient experiences intense itching that can cause him trauma and immense discomfort. The mites can only survive inside the body of the host. So, they like to stay hidden in order to survive.

Let’s read on more about the Scabies mites and their modus operandi –

1. Common Areas of Existence

Scabies rash is often seen in the armpits, fingers, chest, the inner thighs, belt line, genitals and the buttocks. So, that’s where the mites are!

The infection can also be seen at places one wears jewelry. Creases of the skin are common spots to find mites.

2. The Itching and Discomfort

The infection causes a great deal of discomfort to the infected person. The rash gets very intense in the night, especially after the body gets warm and relaxed. The intense itching forces the person to scratch the area. The scratching sometimes leads to other skin infections too! Blame mites for all that.

3. Babies and Young Children

Scabies mites often hide in the soles of the feet and palms of young children and babies. The infection is often seen in the neck and head area of the babies. The itching is actually allergic reaction that is seen in the body in response to the irritation and itching. In certain cases, especially due to the lack of timely treatment, the intense scratching can also result in hardening of the skin. A crust is seen after a few days.

The best way to knock all mites off your body, no matter where they are hiding, is to get yourself treated with a good cream or lotion like Dr Scabies. Since these are tiny organisms, you cannot obviously see them with naked eyes but yes, you can certainly get rid of them.

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