Where to Buy Furniture Spray for Scabies?

The tiny microscopic bug, ‘Sarcoptes scabiei’ is known to cause the contagious skin condition, Scabies. These mites transfer from person to person through:

  • Direct contact: Prolonged skin-to-skin contact, i.e. while shaking hands or sitting or sleeping close to diseased.
  • Indirect contact: Sharing clothings, bedding, towels, or other surfaces, coming into contact with scabies-infested skin.

While it is important for the patient to take proper treatment, it is also essential to clean the surroundings, to make sure that others don’t get infested. Therefore, Dr.Scabies serves with a complete solution!

The premium packages offer high end results, relieving you and your family from the itch mites thoroughly, in the most natural and eco-friendly manner.

What are the premium packages?

The premium packages by Dr. Scabies are meant to provide intensive protection. Find out what these packages have to offer;

  • Dr. Scabies Premium Personal Starter Kit: It is the basic kit, which includes 1 piece of solution, liquid soap, cream and Dr. Repellent Spray.
  • Dr. Scabies Premium Recommended Starter Kit: Similar to the Personal starter kit, it brings you 1 piece of solution, liquid soap and Dr. Repellent Spray. This kit features 2 pieces of Homeopathic scabies cream.
  • Dr. Scabies Premium Small Family Package: The small family pack items, i.e. 2 pieces of the Homeopathic solution, 2 pieces of liquid soap, 2 pieces of Dr. Repellent Spray and 3 pieces of cream, safeguards a small family completely.
  • Dr. Scabies Premium Whole Family Package: Providing a complete protection to you and your entire family, the Whole family pack brings forth, 3 pieces of liquid soap, 3 pieces of Dr. Repellent Spray, 3 pieces of the Homeopathic solution and 4 pieces of cream.

These packages are exclusively available at the most reasonable prices now. Use the promo code: SPRAY25  and get a discount of 25% on Dr. Repellent orders!

The products in all the packages are based on the approved monographs of Homeopathic Pharmacopoiea of United States (HPUS). Giving a cut-throat competition to the other brands using a harsh chemical formulation, Dr. Scabies products has a high concentration of natural components. Thus, assuring an exceptional treatment for scabies wounds and infestation!

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