Which Country Has The Most Scabies?

Dr. Scabies heals Scabies world-wide 300 million cases of scabies are reported in the world annually. Given the fact that scabies is a highly contagious disease and most people have little or no information on the disease, these figures shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone!

Scabies mites are found universally and can affect any individual residing in any country or under any climate. The socio economic status of that person is no criterion for this scary infection. Yes, the only limiting factor is non-availability of the right information at the right time.

Underdeveloped countries where people are living below the poverty line, where drinking water and hygiene is an issue, are the common hangouts of this parasite. Most developing countries like India and other South Asian countries have been reporting cases for almost two centuries now. Before that, well, there were hardly any cases reported or recorded. So we can well believe that scabies mites have been around since we really don’t know when!

The disease has taken alarming proportions in underdeveloped nations in Africa and other war torn areas. But there are no exact figures on which country is most affected by this nasty infection.

Poor sanitation, overcrowded living quarters are the breeding grounds for scabies mites. Countries that have ethnic and minority groups living in medieval conditions have also reported of the disease. Even developed countries like Australia have reported cases where almost 50% of ethnic tribes living in the bush are infected with scabies.

The disease is seen commonly in children who get infected. There are no evidences that it affects a particular gender more or less. Mites do not discriminate on that basis. There have been phases in the history of the disease when it was dormant, but the recent economic stagnation and deterioration of living standards has given it a reason to make a comeback.

Countries like Liberia, Tongo, Sierra Leone are the worst hit, where many people are struggling to stay alive, with less than a decent meal per day. A disease of global proportions, scabies is yet to receive the attention it should because places where it mostly affects people are hardly on the radar of governments and nonprofit organizations.

The disease takes very little time to become an epidemic and the sooner we do something about it, faster (and more easily) we can get rid of it. If you know someone who has scabies or are affected yourself, make it a point to have the infection treated at the earliest with a medically proven natural cure like Dr. Scabies. It’s an over the counter cream that can be easily ordered online. No matter where in the world you live, it is possible to order a pack of Dr. Scabies cream, soap and solution. Rest assured, this product is not very expensive and brings along no side effects unlike dozens of other creams that either use pesticides to achieve quick results or simply fail to provide immediate or lasting relief!

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