Which One Is Worse – Scabies Vs. Bed Bugs Vs. Crabs?

Blood thirsty tiny insects can give the creeps to anybody. Be it bed bugs, scabies or crabs, each one of them is packed with big doses of infection than can give you sleepless nights. But which one do you think is the worst? Read on to find out!

Bed bugs have been around for centuries and have tormented many of our ancestors. They are small, brown insects that live on our blood and have mastered the art of deception. They are slimmer than a credit card and the mattress is their favorite hangout. These bugs literally love drinking our blood and become as big as an apple seed, after having their full. A female bug can lay up to hundred babies and they look like dust in infancy. In other words if they are not got rid of, they can spend their lifetimes with us and probably outlive us too. Fantastic!

They enter our houses through beds, luggage and clothing. They live in groups and hide in warm and moist places. They prey on us when we are fast asleep. The level of cleanliness in your house has no relation to them. They solely live on blood. Imagine a beak piercing your skin drinking your blood for a few minutes and moving on after full. That’s everything you need to know about bed bugs, for now!

So if you thought bed bugs were scary, meet our next predator the Pubic Lice or Crab.

Their favorite inhabitance is the pubic and the genital region. They stick to the hair their and soon a whole colony is moving around with you. If you don’t detect them soon they will spread to your eyebrows, armpits and beard too.

Next time you get an itch have look in the mirror and check out for creepy crawly lice like creatures. In most cases, they passed on by sexual contact and not by sitting on an infected toilet (as many people believe). They crawl slowly and are difficult to detect.

Yeah, crabs are horrible too.

Last but not the least come the scariest of them all, the scabies mite.

They take the cake when it comes to the mastery they have over invasion and attack. The mites actually make deep burrows inside our skin and lay eggs there. The burrowing inside the skin is an obnoxious feeling that can drive anybody crazy. The itch and the irritation are almost certainly difficult to take and the whole family is at risk of infection.

So, to sum it up – scabies is the worst! But do not ignore the other two either. While for Scabies, you can use Dr. Scabies (a natural product for complete and effective treatment), other two can easily be dealt with some good over the counter products. Having few creams at home for skin rashes is a good idea but you should also have something for the worst mite ever! 

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