Why Are Doctors’ Scabies Treatments Not Working?

The period of infection in the asymptomatic stage prevents the precise diagnosis of Scabies. Most doctors maintain an index that is high in order to detect Scabies clinically. In the absence of the right detection, treatments prescribed by doctors fail to eradicate the infection.

Let’s read a little more about Scabies and the failed treatments –

1. The Symptoms Of Scabies

A person might get infected by Scabies much earlier and the symptoms will show only after two to six weeks. The first symptoms of the infection will appear in the form of a rash, followed by intense itching. The common areas of infection are skin folds, armpits, between the fingers and feet.

2. A Recurring Infection

If a person gets infected with Scabies for a second or third time, his symptoms might differ from the earlier episodes. The itching and rash might appear much sooner than before, and the mites will be more resistant to the treatment this time. Most parasite treatments that contain the chemical Permethrin are proving to be futile against these mites.

3. Failing Treatments

Once the infection re-appears, a doctor might prescribe the same treatment, but it might not be as successful the second time. The Scabies mites get sensitized to the immune system and resist any kind of treatment.

4. Diagnosis

The doctor looks for clinical symptoms to determine if the person has a Scabies infection. He will look for a rash or any symptoms of burrows in order to be really sure. Some skin conditions look similar to Scabies. The doctor then needs to take a sample of the skin by scarping to determine the presence of mites in a laboratory.

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