Why my skin is turning itchy at night?

Has it ever happened to you that it started itching when you were just listening to someone stating their stories about skin mite infestations?

Though it is quite common for your skin to feel itchy, due to one reason or the other, yet it is important for you to realize that many of the problems are contagious. One such example is scabies. It is a highly contagious skin infestation which can spread through direct transmission, i.e. when you come into direct contact with an already infested person. As per the Dayton Daily News, things went too real for 86 hospital employees at a hospital where an outbreak of scabies was found, the spokesperson confirmed.

But this never means that every itch indicates towards Scabies. Hence, it is right time to clarify some misperceptions about scabies and some other problem which involves intense itching.

Head Lice: Another common bug causing itch is none other than the lice. In the United States, it is said to be affecting an estimated 6-12 million children ages 3-11 years old annually.  As far as the transmission is concerned, it is generally due to head-to-head contact. These lice feed off the blood of the scalp. While the live lice are typically found in the scalp, in most of the cases nape of the neck and the skin behind the ears is said to be major spot of their hiding. Similar to scabies mites these too can turn into bigger menace at night.

Mosquitoes Bites:  It is another common source of itching. Ticks are greatly attracted to hairy, moist locations such as the genitals or groin, and scalp. Basically, after a mosquito bites your skin, your body tends to release histamine, an offending agent, at the site. And this is the reason why your skin itches. However, this problem is more pronounced in some people. It is due to scratching the spot which can introduce further infection.

Pin Worms: Also known to be an intestinal parasite, these tend to impact children greatly. Being very small in size, these are white threadlike worms which prefer to come out of the anus at night. These can lay their eggs and there are chances for them to linger in bedding, clothing etc. You don’t need to worry much for them as their treatment is swift and typically easy.  However, perianal itching is a suspicious sign. You need to know that the route of spread is fecal-oral, and with proper hand washing you can easily avoid these.

Scabies: As stated, it is a highly contagious problem caused by tiny skin mite which burrows under the skin. These can easily survive on their human host, reproduce and lays eggs, which leads to intense diffuse itching throughout the body. The problem can be found among all the age groups, genders, races, etc. In case of children, these patterns start from skin folds like wrists, ankles, and so on. On the other hand, in case of adults, these are majorly found in the groin or armpits. It is also important to know that these mites can spread throughout a household and family due to shared bedding, clothes, towels, etc. (of an infested person). Reason being, these bugs can survive off their host for three to four days easily. For treating this problem, you can trust Dr. Scabies, a homeopathic remedy which helps you eliminate these mites and their eggs completely.

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