Why Scabies is Common Among Patients in Mental Institutions?

According to the U.K. National Health Service, scabies is more common in places with limited health care and large populations. This includes nursing homes, extended-care facilities, prisons, and even mental institutions.

Yes, you read that right this skin condition is highly found in hospitalized patients, especially those who are suffering from mental disorders. And as scabies is very contagious, it can lead to serious endemics in overcrowded places. Due to their limited mobility and poor self-awareness, the patients here are highly exposed to acquiring scabies. Then the negligence and delayed medical assistance leads to its increase.

But Why is Scabies Popular in Mental Institutions?

To find out the reason for this scientists have conducted various studies. The main aim was to determine the exact cause for the raised incidences of this contagious skin problem in patients with dementia and other mental disorders. So it was revealed that scabies in mental institutions is caused due to the environmental factors. Yes, there is no physiological relation found between mentally impairment and the high incidence of scabies. It was concluded that people with such disorders are not prone to any increased physiological risks of developing scabies.

What Makes the Problem Worse?

The worst thing is that in majority of cases the patients with mental impairment are diagnosed long after. By that time they tend to develop serious complications, which make overcoming the disease more difficult. It can be resultant of poor patient monitoring and neglecting the problem that causes more number of outbreaks.

Secondly, scabies is a very contagious skin disease. Do you know just 20 minutes of close contact is enough for successful transmission? It is the major reason behind scabies affecting around 100 million people each year. Caused by infestation with tiny, microscopic mite called Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis, it can spread through direct or indirect transmission. While it is easy to get infested by getting into direct contact with an already infected person, it can be acquired indirectly by using a contaminated object. And once they enter their human host, these mites populate the skin. The female mites will lay their eggs in the skin folds and will lead to increase in problem through other body parts.

How Can You Treat Scabies?

Usually, the first symptoms include itch, skin inflammation, and rashes. However, in the later stages there are chances of lesions, skin ulcerations, pustules, blisters, crust formation and painful nodules. If any of these are suspected, it is important to start away with the treatment as soon as possible. And please don’t rely on the natural ways to treat. Reason being these will act in a very slow manner.

Now if you are looking for an over the counter treatment, most of them come with Permethrin. It is a common ingredient in scabies treatment products. But do you know that it is a synthetic chemical? The original form of Permethrin is Pyrethrum. And it is a common ingredient found in insecticides. There are searches stating that Pyrethrum is possibly a carcinogen. It can lead to side effects such as itching, stinging and burning. So when you need something more than a ‘Permethrin’ cream, you can trust Dr. Scabies. Being one of the most recommended natural homeopathic solutions it is 100% safe. It is perfect to be used for such institutions for treating scabies safely and efficiently.

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