Will Scabies Get Into Your Hair

Hair is undoubtedly the most special feature of a person’s body, and, let alone getting infected, we don’t even want them to behave badly for a day or two.

Coming back to the question whether scabies could get into the hair or affect the hair in any way, let’s read below to find out the answer:

1) Scabies is a disease of the skin, and naturally, like any part of the body, the skin beneath the hair could get infected by the mites.

2) Scabies mites, like lice and crabs, are parasites that can nestle everywhere on the skin. While lice leave their eggs along the strands of hair, scabies mites burrow into the skin leaving red blisters all over the skin. And, since both are, in a way, transmittable, you must never keep them as it is, and consult a doctor as soon as possible.

3) Although there aren’t many natural treatments available, some medications and lotions containing permethrin, sulphur or lindane can be used to treat scabies. Dr Scabies is one of the best products you can use. It’s natural and completely safe. You must apply the lotion to the whole body, including the scalp, and keep it overnight before washing it off properly.

4) Although all of these can be used directly on the scalp, it is advisable not to use lindane lotions during pregnancy or on weakly immuned people or even babies. However, with its low toxic level, permethrin lotions can be applied on everyone, even children aged two months and above. Many doctors have now stopped recommending permethrin based scabies treatments.

Dr scabies kills scabies mites

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