Will Sleeping With Scabies Infected Person Cause Me The Infection Too?

Scabies is actually an infestation and not an infection. The tiny microscopic organisms set up shop in the outermost layer of the skin. It’s a contagious disease and therefore, you should avoid physical contact with the infected person.

The most common way of getting a Scabies infection from an infected person is by way of personal contact.

Basically, the skin reacts to the invasion of the mites.

The mites burrow, the females lay eggs under the skin and this infestation further leads to unyielding itching and a bad rash.

A sexual relationship with an infected person is a sure shot method of getting the Scabies infection. However the first symptoms only show after four to six weeks. So, if there are any signs that your partner may have the scabies infection, it’s advisable to assert the presence or absence of mites at the earliest.

The first symptoms of Scabies will show as intense itching, especially in the night. A rash that resembles pimples, scales and sometimes blisters follows it. The itching gets so intense at times that the patient scratches himself till the wounds become sores.

On researching the Internet, you will find that most articles refute the presence of mites in the head and face. But let us clarify that the Scabies mites have been found in the head of the victims in tropical countries.

It is assumed that the high moisture in the air and the warm temperature increase the sites of the infection in the body. Hence, when a treatment is chosen the head and the ears should not be ignored.

Once the symptoms appear, it is important to start treatment with a reliable product like Dr. Scabies, which is very effective against re-infestation.

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