Will the Itching Of Scabies Go Away After Treatment?

Once a person gets infected by Scabies, it normally takes up to 2 to 6 weeks for the infection to show any noticeable signs. The symptoms are different for re-infestations and can occur much sooner than a first time infection.

Let’s read a little more about Scabies and its symptoms –

The itch

Once the symptoms appear and the diagnosis is carried out, the infected person will feel intense itching in the infected areas.

It can be in any part of the body and the points of intensity are actually the places along which the female scabies mites are creating the burrows.

In a person who has been re-infested by Scabies, the itching will start in just about a day or so. It happens because his immune system has been sensitized to the infection. Hence the reaction is much stronger in the second round.

When you are infected, make sure to get yourself treated as soon as possible with a natural, safe and effective product like Dr Scabies.

Will the itching ever go away completely?

In a normal person, it takes anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks for the itch to disappear completely. But don’t worry, once you start applying a good over-the-counter cream like Dr Scabies, the itching sensations will be much less in just about 2-3 days.

Some patients may notice tiny, brownish red lumps that can itch even after a successful treatment. They are mostly seen in the arm pits and the genitals. One should not get worried by thinking that the mite has not left the body; they are just the evidence of the skins reaction to the mite invasion. The lumps might disappear in a few months or a year.

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