Yoga Poses for Skin Problems like Eczema and Psoriasis

Skin is considered as the largest organ in the body, both in terms of weight and surface area. It protects from foreign bodies and insulates your body as well. However, there are many woes that affect the skin. And some of them are…

Acne occurs when the follicles of the skin glands are clogged with the excessive sebum.

Eczema strikes at the skin with the symptoms like dryness and itching.

Hives causes red bumps on the skin.

Psoriasis causes swelling and scaling.

Rashes (basic dermatitis) make your skin dry and itchy.

Rosacea is caused mainly because of sensitivity to the sun.

Well, there are many medications to ease such skin conditions. What about yoga? Have you ever thought yoga can benefit your skin and ease the symptoms of such skin conditions?

Several yoga poses improve blood circulation and flush out the toxins. This way, yoga makes your skin healthy from both inside and on the surface.

Here we have listed some amazing yoga poses help you fight skin diseases.

Uttanasana or Padahastasana, Hasta Padasana, Standing Forward Bend:

Uttanasna yoga

This yoga pose improves the blood circulation to the face, head and neck. It relaxes the facial muscles and balance out the hormones. This way, it gives you a healthy skin.

How to Do It:

• Stand straight. The hands must be on the hips. Inhale.
• Bend your hip as you exhale.
• Place hands on the floor beside the feet.
• Feet should be parallel to each other.
• Push the torso forward as you stretch and raise the tailbone.
• Hold for a few seconds.
• Back to the starting position.

Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose:


This pose requires you to stretch your chest area, thereby improving your breathing. When you have good intake of oxygen, you get a better circulation. It eliminates toxins and free radicals as well. This yoga pose is also useful in regulating hormones. This way, this yoga asana is useful in a range of skin problems like premature aging, psoriasis, rosacea and sunburns.

How to Do It…

• Lie on your stomach. The legs should be stretched out and feet facing down.
• Place your elbows by your side and lift your chest. The body weight should be on the elbows. Inhale deeply, and exhale strongly.

Viparita Karani or Legs up the Wall:

Viparita Karani

This yoga pose helps remove free radicals while improving the oxygen supply to the face. Toxins are removed, and the skin is protected from all problems and allergies as well.

How to Do It…

• Sit across a wall and gently raise your legs up the wall.
• Lie down and place the stretched arms to the sides.
• The palms should be facing upwards.
• Close your eyes and breathe.
• Hold in the position for 1 minute and then release.

Child’s Pose or Balasana:


Stress aggravates the flare up in many skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. So you should look for getting relaxation and calmness. And yoga poses like Child’s pose can help you in that.

How to do it…

• Get on your knees in bowing position. Knees should be hip distance apart while the big toes should be touching.
• Relax the hips and letting them to sink as close to the ground so that you can sit on the heels.
• Stretch the hands overhead and start leaning forward.
• Get into the rest with your face towards the floor while the arms should be stretched out in front of you.

So these are the yoga poses to ease the symptoms of certain skin conditions. Apart from practicing these poses, take care of your diet and lifestyle. If you are new to these poses, you can hire a yoga teacher for that.

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