Make Your Laundry Eczema Proof! Here’s How

Make sure to follow these precautions while choosing laundry products or washing your clothes. 

Being a person with eczema, you should be careful with your laundry products like detergent and fabric softeners. These products can aggravate your condition as they contact the skin. This is because they left on the fabric after washing. Therefore, you should be careful while choosing them. Here we have come up with the tips to make laundry safe for eczema.

Make Your Laundry Eczema Proof!

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Make Sure to Choose Laundry Care Products That are Safe for Your Skin

Detergents, perfumes or dyes may trigger skin flare-ups when they come into contact with sensitive or eczema-affected skin. In such scenario, many people prefer detergent free of dyes and perfumes for their skin condition.

Sometimes, perfume or dye free detergent causes irritation. Therefore, to choose the safe one, you need to go through a trial and error process. Here’s how…

  • Look for the product which is free of hypoallergenic, dyes and perfumes and made for the sensitive skin.
  • Try liquid products as they are likely to leave fewer residues than powders.
  • Use the recommended amount of detergent given on the label. This is also recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology and machine manufacturers. Excessive detergent can fill the machine and make it harder to drain appropriately.
  • Make sure to give your clothes extra rinse as sometimes buildup doesn’t go away with one wash.
  • Fabric softeners are not good for the people for eczema as the residue is left on fabric even after several washes. Fabric softeners also contain surfactants which are sure to irritate sensitive skin. They also include fragrances, dyes, and preservatives.
  • Besides, skin can seep toxic chemicals from the fabrics.

Make Sure to Wash New Clothes Before Wearing Them:

Always wash new clothes before using them as their retail stores use chemicals to make their finishing attractive. Also, wash your bedding and towel, and runt hem through the washing machine before using them for the very first time.

If Kids Have Eczema:

Wash their plush toys, bedding, blankets, clothes, and towels separately.

Appropriate Storing and Usage of Laundry Care Products:

  • Keep laundry from pets and kids. Store them in a high, locked cupboard. Don’t store them on the top of the washer or dryer. Close the cupboard properly to prevent kids from opening it.
  • Always keep laundry products in original containers.
  • Throw the containers after use.
  • Always wash your hands after using detergents or fabric softeners. It is better if you wear gloves while washing the clothes with hand to avoid direct contact with detergent. Also wear the gloves if you are handling large amounts of dry laundry. Make sure to moisturize your hands immediately after putting off the gloves.

Bottom Line:

So these are the things you should follow while using laundry. Besides, wear light and breathable fabrics as they are easier on the skin and lower sweating. Nowadays, there are many garments (medical grade fabrics) specially designed for people with eczema or sensitive skin.



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