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Scabies is caused by small itch mites that tend to make burrows within the skin, causing itching and rashes. People suffering from scabies need proper medical treatment to get rid of the itch mites. There are different treatment methods to get rid of scabies - like lindane, permethrin, and natural remedies.

Each treatment is different and depends on age, body condition and environment of an individual to show its effect. However, all the given treatments are useful in treating scabies. But some may be effective on a few people but not on others. All this depends on body... more

Scabies is a skin disease that causes an incessant itching if left untreated. Treating it is vital for the good health of the skin. Various ointments available in the market for the treatment of scabies are useless and are hardly effective. So, it is important to be wise and without hurting your pocket, go ahead with an effective product to treat your scabies in the first go- Dr. Scabies. Dr. Scabies is a product that works systematically and in stages help to cure your scabies without any side-effects.

Dr. Scabies® products provide the best... more

Scabies infestation is caused by the Sarcoptic scabies mite. It is characterized by intense, nocturnal itching - as these mites are active at night. Infestation occurs when the scabies mite burrows into the skin and lays eggs and the hatching process causes intense itching. Prescription medication is necessary to treat the infestation. However, you may still feel the prickly sensation even after the treatment is complete.

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You may get re-infected even after the treatment, because the mites may be alive or... more

Scabies found in pets like cats and dogs is called Mange. However, it cannot trigger a Scabies infestation in humans.

The feline scabies and canine scabies, contrary to the popular belief, are not caused by the mite that causes Human Scabies.

Although the mites can transfer from the pet to the human (or the other way round), but they are incapable of reproducing in the human body. In other words, the mites that come from the pets die a natural death without causing any serious medical trouble.

The same holds true for Human Scabies; they might cause a mild bout of... more

Having a sexual relationship and sharing personal items are one of the most common modes of spreading the Scabies infection. So, if your boyfriend has got scabies, you better maintain a distance and start helping him get rid of the infection at the earliest.

Different patients describe the itching form Scabies differently. Some describe it as the bite of a flea; others call it similar to a mosquito bite and while some describe it as a wriggling pin prick sensation.

 If your boyfriend has Scabies, there is a very high possibility that you too will contract the infection too.... more

Scabies is actually an infestation and not an infection. The tiny microscopic organisms set up shop in the outermost layer of the skin. It’s a contagious disease and therefore, you should avoid physical contact with the infected person.

The most common way of getting a Scabies infection from an infected person is by way of personal contact.

Basically, the skin reacts to the invasion of the mites.

The mites burrow, the females lay eggs under the skin and this infestation further leads to unyielding itching and a bad rash.

A sexual relationship... more

From the moment you get infected till the time you get totally rid of Scabies, the total duration is almost three months (if you are relying on a good treatment plan, of course!).

The Scabies infestation starts from the time a female mite burrows inside the skin of the host. The male mites keep moving between the burrows looking for a mate.

After the mating, the male mite dies and female starts laying the eggs. The eggs hatch after about three to four days.

The young mites reach the surface of the skin and mature into adults in just ten days. The males stay on the... more

Scabies is a highly contagious disease and if you are aware of an infected person, try to maintain a distance from him. It’s for your own good. The infection shouldn’t be taken lightly in any case.

If your infected guests insist on paying you a visit at home, don’t panic and handle the situation calmly. Fretting will not help; instead make a plan to keep all of your family members safe.

A person suffering from Scabies is an awful sight. Imagine small microscopic mites digging burrows inside the human skin and causing intense itching and res rashes. But, it can happen to anyone... more

The criterion to define who will get Scabies infection is not pre-set. A human being of any age, background and in any location can contract disease. Yes, that is true. Read on to know about the various risk factors that aid in spreading this infection.

Scabies is spread by skin-to-skin contact. Children, nursing mothers and sexually active couples are most prone to the infection.

People who are living in nursing homes, in residences with assisted living facilities and services with extended care are also likely to serve as hosts for mites on the body of an infected person.... more

The Sarcoptesscabies mite is the root cause for Scabies infection. It can be classified as a sexually transmitted disease. But, it should not be confused with various other STDs. It needs to be approached differently.

The most common mode for spread of Scabies is by personal contact. It can be passed easily between members of a household, sexually, and by skin-to-skin contact. So, it can very well be classified as an STD but there’s a whole lot more to it.

Sharing of personal belongings like bedding, towels, and clothing can also lead to spread of the infection.

The... more


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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."

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