Which treatment is better for scabies - Natural Vs Holistic ?

Usually, physicians prescribe you pharmaceutical topical or oral medications for scabies treatment. But these medicines have harsh chemicals that pose certain health risks in the human body, leading to toxicity caused by chemical ingredients. 

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The most common medicament for scabies is permethrin, as it’s generally safe for use in children of ages 2 months and old, adults, and pregnant women. But it’s still a carcinogenic synthetic pyrethroid, which is linked to liver tumors, lung tumors, and immune system problems.

Permethrin is basically an insecticide found in commercial bug sprays. Fortunately, you can treat scabies with natural and holistic ways that won’t put your health at risk.

What is the natural treatment?

Naturopathy, or Naturopathic medicine, or Natural treatment consists of the treatment and prevention of human disorders with all natural methods and materials like plants.

What is the holistic treatment?

Holistic treatment is a way of healing a patient by gaining proper balance in life. It involves overall healing of body, mind, soul, and emotions to attain optimal health and wellness. 

Here are natural and holistic ways to treat scabies. Both these ways work hand-in-hand and are beneficial to eradicate the itchy skin condition without any side effects.

# Tea tree oil:

It is one of the popular home remedies to treat scabies. It is able to penetrate deep into the skin and suffocate itch mites and eventually kills them. Tea tree oil can be applied directly to the affected areas with a cotton swab. You can apply it after a bath and leave it overnight to work its magic.

# Neem oil

Neem oil is a natural insecticide and works differently to most pesticides. It works by disrupting the life cycle of itch mites and simply repels them with its smell. The smell is not so strong for humans, so it’s best for you to use on the affected areas. Most scabies mites suffer due to this oil and stop burrowing under your skin surface after two days of application. However, for adult mites, you need to be a little patient and keep applying it until all are eradicated completely.  You can even use need soap for bathing regularly for two weeks.

# Cayenne

Cayenne has been mentioned in the herbal book, The Badanius Manuscript, printed in 1552, for eradicating scabies. On applying cayenne topically, you’ll notice a reduction in itching as it literally burns scabies without any health risks. You can use large amounts of cayenne in a warm bath and soak your body in water for an extended time to see the results. However, do protect your eyes while bathing in cayenne.

# Zinc:

Zinc is used to treat the secondary infections caused by scabies itching. It even prevents fungal outbreaks. You need to grind zinc tablets into a powder and add water to it for making a paste.  Apply this paste to all irritated areas and it will relieve itching quickly.

Cleaning Your Environment

Mites can even live on furniture, carpets, and clothing for several days, so you need to clean them regularly to prevent re-infection. Regularly vacuum clean the surrounding areas of your room and even clean floor with disinfectant. Wash bed sheets and clothing in hot water and tumble try at a hot temperature. For things that cannot be washed, keep them in a plastic bag for a week, as scabies mites cannot live without host body for that long. You can even put the borax powder into a steam cleaning mix to cleaning carpets. But try to avoid direct skin contact and inhalation of borax. When cleaning with borax powder, we recommend you to protect your respiratory organs with the help of a high-quality respirator mask.


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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."